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Biodesign Lab

Yoko Shimizu:
Biodesign Lab
The fusion of art and science opens doors to possibilities beyond our imagination

May 3 - 22, 2019

Opening Reception:
Friday, May 3rd 6-8 pm
NARS Main Gallery

Yoko Shimizu blurs the lines between art and science, turning the infinite natural scientific phenomena taking place around us into stunning installations. In the Biodesign Lab exhibition, a biology lab is installed in the NARS main gallery to present her latest biological installations and live lab performances. The beauty of the scientific principles that surround us is timeless, limitless, and filled with inspiration.

Yoko Shimizu is an artist and biologist based in Tokyo, Japan. Born in Kyoto and raised in the Unites States, she was inspired by the art scene in New York as a child. To pursue her passion in science, she studied Biology and Chemistry in Kobe University. Her career began as a creative director and consultant in an advertisement company. Currently, she runs her own creative innovation lab in Japan, Lab +1e. Yoko has received numerous awards for biology-inspired installations that integrate art and science, and has held exhibitions in countries around the globe. She is also a media personality on international art and music programs in Japan, and has given talks and performances in global events such as TED, FITC, and Ars Electronica. She is a director of an international art and science festival and a judge of Knowledge Innovation Awards in Japan.

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