2015 Season IV & 2016 Season I


Keren Anavy explores in her work the dynamic relationship between nature, culture and site, by challenging the boundaries of painting and drawing as a form of installation. Her works often contain imagery and subject matter that are disconnected from their previous meaning and context, and as a result, transformed into a visual, abstracted experience.

She works with images and designs that reference political and social notions, from which she creates new imagery that addresses distress and beauty. By manipulating and reconfiguring forms that have cultural and political significance Anavy creates a new visual vocabulary, and a universal language. Detaching these patterns and forms from their political and social context, offers viewers a visual experience of the shape itself.

By disassembling and reassembling the previous components, she creates new associative sensations, whose previous contexts are both hidden and revealed. Anavy continuously examine the power existing in shapes around us, be it architecture or nature, in both her large-scale installations, oil paintings, ink drawings, laser cutouts, prints and more.

Anevy's works attempts to walk the border between political art and escapism, and wish to suggest a space between them. This is the space in which the viewer can confront the actual political questions side by side with esthetic-art questions that have to do with the history of Art.