2014 Season III, 2014 Season IV


Artist Biography

Karolina Sulich's artistic practice evolves in time and it starts to expand in many new directions. She graduated from the painting department at the Academy of Fine Arts, and upon completing the program she became involved in creating set design for theater performing arts. For her graduation exhibition, she made a work which tried to speak about the contemporary status of painting and images from her subjective perspective. At that time, she was strongly doubted in force of that medium. Working in different collectives and theaters all over Poland, Karolina developed the ability to construct three dimensional spaces- both functional and at the same time metaphorical. Closest to Karolina is a play completed on the stage of Dramatic Theater in Warsaw where they tried to raise the problem of an unsolved death case about one of social activists who was strongly involved in defense of tenants, whose law to live in decent conditions was strongly violated. She tried to make a space that is universal but constructed on the rule of colours. Recently, she had the time to return to two-dimensional mediums: drawing and painting. Combined with her strong interest in psychoanalysis, she worked on a series of visual depictions of crucial concepts for this discourse. But in further perspective, she wishes to combine her psychoanalitical reflection with her artistic practice. Today from her perspective, art is something common- it has its rules and rights. It is also predictable and the place of an artist in the social realm changes as well. Artists are no longer outcasts, they fit into the stystem in many ways as a problem solver and an exemplary agent. It is maybe yesterday's news, but Karolina would like to attempt the search for new subversive strategies which are crucial due to the fact that art can still have the ability if not change then at least analyze change direction. However, she believes it can shape new and different ways of thinking and can also become corrosive as money.