2019 Season III

Catalina Tuca (USA / Chile)


Artist Statement/ Biography

Catalina Tuca works with objects and their multiple mediated representations to explore and reveal the intersections of local and global identities, personal and collective memories, the present and the past. Through installation, photography, and video, she re-creates fictional spaces using the expressive potential of things, as projections of communal beliefs, desires, and class. Her interest is to locate and understand the intricate geo socio-political whole we inhabit, in which tradition, globalization, and technologies collide and intertwine. The incorporation of collaborative and participative practices aim to generate meaningful collective experiences that unfold ways of interpreting the present moment, fostering instances of reflection, empowerment, and understanding.


Multidisciplinary Visual Artist, educator and independent curator, born and raised in Santiago, Chile. After earning a BFA and a degree in Art Education, she developed her career in Santiago, showing her work in solo and group exhibitions since 2004. She worked in several education projects, co-founded and co-directed Oficina Barroca Gallery and CANCHA_Santiago Residency Program. She participated in several art residencies abroad, in Japan, Colombia, and The United States. In 2016 she moves to the US to pursue an MFA at Rutgers University from where she recently graduated. She is currently a member of NEW INC. The New Museum Incubator Program. Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.