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lateral drift


'lateral drift'

October 16 - November 14, 2015
Opening Reception: October 16, 6-8pm
Artist Talk: October 16 at 7pm

NARS foundation gallery is proud to present its fourth annual juried solo exhibition: ‘lateral drift’, a show featuring the work of elizabeth hatke, derived from ideas of artworks that have multiple lives. hatke was selected by juror david a. ross, chair of mfa art practice department, school of visual arts.  through a belief that art can exist simultaneously in more than one time and genre, it seeks to coalesce sculpture, performance, and photography.  by creating a time-based event; past, present, and future will be reflected in hatke’s solo exhibition. 

experience   |  past will be pre-existing sculptures, installations, and prints.  the shift to present will be orchestrated through the performance and film stills taken throughout the duration of the show, using the sculptures as props to bring the viewer into real time and the process.  finally, images made as a result of the performance will be displayed during the last half of the show, a future image or one evoking déjà vu. 
this layered exhibition will not only bring up relationships between cross-media and time based events, but also hopes to envelop the community in the process, breaking down the barrier between gallery-finished work and its making (a witness to the practice).
my work is so interconnected to my core self that i find the negative spaces and cavities i create have been shaped to my own form working around them.  the colours i so carefully concoct are based on recurring dreams, with their companion textures mimicking sensory pleasures from childhood.  sharing my work is ultimately the most genuine of gestures, my true and unencumbered mind in tangible form.  
this show aims to invite the viewer into this dreamscape and offer a view of the artist building off of preexisting work and all of the messy, unsure, and exuberant energy that goes into it.  creating an environment that ties back to home, or nostalgia, the scene will be set to disturb preconceived notions of what is foreign and what is known. with a record player softly turning chords that reflect a strange but comfortable mood, worn wooden chairs to rest your feet, and a plastic drying rack holding a bodily but alien form; the viewer’s senses are tested and amplified from the moment they hit the door.  viewers are permitted and encouraged to flex their voyeuristic temptations as they dive deep into surreal territory and watch the inhabitant of this foreign land.  quietly moving from scene to scene and set with my tripod in one hand and a rubber prop in the other, i continue my work.  learning as i forage for different angles, my understanding of my work is constantly evolving.  as i move among my sculptures, creating and capturing new relationships will both bring the viewer into real time and demystify the artistic process.

-    elizabeth hatke

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