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Parallel Shift


Parallel Shift

May 23 - June 20, 2014
Opening: May 30, 6-9pm

The New York Art Residency & Studios (NARS) Foundation is delighted to present Parallel Shift, where Residency Artists simultaneously explore new work created during their residency and revisit previous work to investigate their foundation. The exhibition features selections from the work of 2014 Season I & II Residency Artists: Elodie Abergel, Tai Hwa Goh, Ronald Hall, Delphine Hennelly, Tadasuke Jinno, Sophie Kahn, Liliya Lifanova, Ann Oren, Nicola Page, Esther Simmonds-MacAdam, Carly Snoswell, Kate Stone, and Brigitta Varadi.

A residency presents the opportunity for exploration of self and a chance to experiment within the artistic practice. Artists are given the space and encouragement to push their work further and gain outside perspective. Elodie Abergel and Ronald Hall strive to blend history with sense of self to bring forth renewed knowledge through their work. Delphine Hennelly embraces the essence of narrative though her bather motif as Tadasuke Jinno removes it completely from painting. Ann Oren and Nicola Page meditate on the modern world of technology’s intersection with humans and nature. Kate Stone produces order and disorder within the space of the maze while Liliya Lifanova forms a lack of space through her patterns. Tai Hwa Goh, Sophie Kahn, and Brigitta Varadi sift through memory and experience to compile a present identity. Esther Simmonds-MacAdam examines the character of the female gaze through gestural paintings. Carly Snoswell acknowledges the purpose of her everyday materials while simultaneously utilizing them outside of that purpose. Emerging from a multitude of backgrounds, nationalities, and mediums, the artists in this exhibition are unified by their shift toward new dimensions while remaining in touch with their artistic roots.

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The New York Art Residency and Studios (NARS) Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit arts organization committed to supporting artists and curators on an international level as well as engaging the local community in Brooklyn and the Greater New York area. NARS provides an array of creative support services and professional development opportunities for emerging and mid-career artists through short-term integrated residency programs, affordable long-term studio spaces, progressive exhibition programs, and engaging public programs. These services operate in conjunction with our education and community outreach initiatives. Our mission is to present diverse platforms on which to nurture creative inspiration and innovative cross-pollination of ideas.


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