2019 Season II

Zuleyka Alejandro (Puerto Rico / USA)


Artist Statement/ Biography

Her artistic work explores the concept of human identity and the female body form in a continuous anthropomorphic transmutation. She addresses universal symbols and archetypes found in different cultures with which she recreates fictional artifacts. Studies the repetition of symbols and images in different civilization, and reinterpret them as a way to portray an self-made cosmovision made of a syncretism of cultures. Her work usually has an educational and participatory component were she shares her own artistic process into an educational process, aiming for a dialectical synthetism between two disciplines. During this procedure she explores the intervention of the visitors in her work and creation process, decentralizing the place of the artist.


Multidisciplinary puerto rican artists who has worked with sculpture, painting, ceramics and performance. Her work has been defined to have a participatory and collaborative nature. Counts with international art exhibits and work experience specialized in artistic education. Recently completed a Master degree in Arts and Education and is a Doctoral Candidate from the University of Granada, Spain. Her educational work is primarily composed of a participatory nature as a way of learning, avoiding the discursive traditional teaching method. Her passion for social justice drive her to community artistic projects as well as working in artistic institutions and non-profits.