Artist Statement

My work draws its inspiration from the natural world and my own life experience. I attempt to convey a stylized narrative about these experiences in both my collage and my sculpture.

My collages are like coded puzzles, I approach each image using color (or the lack of color) and layer to create a sense of depth, space, and time. Each image is a conglomeration of individual images from a specific time and place, and when layered they create a dreamscape reality waiting to be picked apart by the viewer. For me, the work is about recontextualizing each photo I take through repetition, redaction, and alteration. I create a specific narrative, whether true or false, with each image. I hope the work inspires the viewers to sit and spend time with each piece in order to find its specific resonance.

The sculpture that I create is less about obscurity and deception, and more about frankness and honesty. I primarily build with anodized wire which changes over time. I try to breathe life and movement into the inanimate object. I am greatly inspired by Alexander Calder's early circus works which both convey action and emotion in a motionless medium. The goal of my sculpture is to explore three dimensionality of form that cannot be expressed in the flat plane of the photograph. The anodized wire is very interesting to me because it rusts over time, which changes both the visual look of the work and the flexibility of the material.

As I move forward I am most interested in trying to merge the two ideas; creating a surreal narrative experience that is interactive in space and changes with time. Working in these two seemingly disparate mediums allows me to explore different aspects of my creative process. The photographs explore and reimagine time and space as I have already experienced it, while the sculpture comes from a place that has not yet been discovered.