2015 Season II


Artist Statement

In “Sleep, the Mouth and the Dream Screen“ Yvonne C Roth shapes a hallucinatoric space through the overlapping of different layers. The artist created a personalized dream screen that can be seen as an individual membrane or skin between her inner world and the outer world. On this dream screen, consisting of different material layers, film pictures are projected to spread out into the surrounding. The topic of the diegetic space - what belongs to an art piece and where does it end - is here conclusively. As well the spatial component as the viewer are involved into the narrated world. The idea that all created spaces are united in one common space observes a world of individual informed layers that reflect on each other and find their origin in the basic building materials sound and light.

In “Sleep, the Mouth and the Dream Screen“ these basic building materials of the film apparatus and the psychic apparatus shape a vivid organism that leads a life of its own.