2019 Season III

Yohanna M. Roa (Colombia)


Artist Statement/ Biography

"The work of Yohanna Roa returns to the history of art the materiality that the disciplinary trajectory has robbed, in the attempt to rationalize and convert its sensoriality into words; to grant its a structure, a canon; and to integrate it into Western History with a capital letter. Her work literally dismantles books with canonical images of art history to reconfigure them into new plastic relationships based on embroidery, crochet, collage and painting, in such a way that they constitute a "feminist virtual museum" in the sense that Griselda Pollock enunciates: a construction that unhinges the rules of chronology, genre, stylistics and geography that sustain the narratives and definitions of art, inviting new readings, or rather new ways of experiencing history: from the corporeal act of inhabiting, touching and manipulate their pieces." Karen Cordero Curator


Yohanna M Roa is a transdisciplinary artist, born in Bogota Colombia and currently lives between the United States and Mexico. She studies PHD in history and theory Critica del arte - Universidad Iberoamericana, has a master's degree in visual arts from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and an undergraduate degree in visual arts from Bellas Artes Colombia. She recently opened the exhibition: The journey to Mamacaltepec Momoxco, the result of an artistic residency with Calpulli Tecalco in San Pedro Actopan - Mexico. She has a large number of individual and collective exhibitions such as the gallery Valenzuela & Klener Bogotá, Art Fair Plattform Zur Präsentation Von KunstinitiativeninKarlsruhe plus internationale Gäste Germany, Raul Angiano Museum in Guadalajara Jalisco and Looking At Contemporary Photography. Ruuiz & healy art Gallery.