2018 Season II

TZU-AN KO (Taiwan)

Artist Statement/ Biography

Since 2013, Ko has personified another identity: Super Perfect Working Robot. She adopts the name Rich Ann, which is considered by fortunetellers as a name suitable for finding good jobs. Through dress-up and performance art, she starts the journey of a robot seeking jobs. She wants to express a sense of mental emptiness from working and inauthenticity through this soulless yet highly diligent Rich Ann. As the employment-seeking robot, she implants herself into social spectacle. She hopes that watching the ridiculous yet real process of being the job-seeking robot will lead to viewers reflecting on their own experiences and thinking more positively of their work.


Ko Tzu-An (b. 1986, Taipei, Taiwan) is concerned about popular culture and the conflict between personal identities and social values. She works primarily in performance art and usually in public spaces. She likes to use humor to create relaxing environments; she sees it as a game to explore how young generations navigate self-awareness and decision-making when their various desires contradict with social values.