2019 Season III


Artist Statement/ Biography

Tavi's work exists between installation, photography, performance and writing. Their work eschews anchoring itself to a specific ideology, but rather is itself an inquiry into the possibility of even recognizing one. Tavi’s artistic production draws from their experience as a queer person of color in this present moment as well as earlier training in perception research across philosophy and neuroscience. The myriad implementation of materials, despite their variety, always refers back to a particular stance on reality—that it is malleable and multiple, that different paradigms and sets of possibilities are fluidly juxtaposable. Tavi's work investigates the interstices between them. The threshold between perception and recognition—formless form/formed unform.


Originally from NYC, Tavi has been reconnecting with their hometown after several years of living elsewhere including in Germany. They were trained in photography but now working with an expanded practice encompassing installation, performance and writing in addition to photography. Tavi studied philosophy and neuroscience before becoming an artist; this background informs their current artistic production centered around the thresholds between perception and recognition. They are currently producing a new body of work centered around iridescing. Tavi has several alteregos including Cristóvão Park, Korean-Brazilian archivist, and Ferny Dinosaur, a mindfulness and sustainability oriented graphic designer.