2013 Season I


Artist Statement

What kind of time in a video (and in the world) could be considered fulfilled? When Takeshi Ikeda was a high school student, he received a CD which consisted of band performances ranging from only about 1 to 30 seconds. Sounds such as "GuyaAAAAA!" and "BuwagyaAAAA!" filled the CD. From listening, he started to wonder how the band performed live. He ordered their bootleg live video from Germany and found that they were only lazy with drinking, playing only 4 songs of short duration in a 30 minute show. Surprisingly, in the first song, they shouted "", threw their instruments, and jumped into the crowd.

According to the above-mentioned description, it may be possible for one to think of this kind of scenario as exciting. Actually, all the video showed was three drunk guys being lazy in the roar of an audience. So in Takeshi's perspective, it was "boring". However, he thought of their overwhelming affirmation and surrender to "time" . And Takeshi considers that this kind of time is very significant.

**The band's name was "AxCx". R.I.P Seth Putnam