Artist Statement

For the past many years, I have worked with everyday objects and explored their potential to express ideas. I have used ice cream sticks and school glue, bed sheets and red thread, wallpaper, floorboards and wallboards from my apartment and studio, rubber bands, and books, among other things. The materials I choose to work with are things from my own life that have certain associations and symbolic significance, as well as diverse physical properties. I explore what a given material will do and then use its properties and associations to make a piece that communicates an idea. My obsessive relationship with the material I am using becomes an important part of each piece.

I also work with traditional art materials in unconventional ways. In my earlier paintings and drawings, I experimented with extremes of minimal and maximal contact with the surface of the work, often recycling materials. I am currently working on two-sided paintings that are made entirely out of paint without any support. I am interested in the properties of paint and the endless possibilities that exist for making a painting. My intention is to reinvestigate nonfigurative painting's potential to communicate both intellectually and emotionally through its tactile dimension.

Artist Biography

Suzanne Russell is an artist, writer and activist-lawyer who has been living in Copenhagen, Denmark for more than 25 years. Suzanne has a B.A. from Wellesley College in literature and a J.D. from NYU in law. She is a painter at heart, but has a wide-ranging art practice that includes providing free legal help to refugees in Denmark. Suzanne has been on the Board of the Royal Danish Arts Council and has participated in various “integration” committees and mentoring projects. Suzanne has recently moved back to New York City to focus on expanding her visual arts practice.