2018 Season I



Artist Statement/ Biography

Sculptor Sukjoon Lee aims to create open stages. By centering the viewers on stage, his sculptural objects call them deeper into themselves and in relation to the world. Interacting with the audience, these objects enter into a relationship that transgresses the blurry border between objects and viewers and explores the boundaries between participants. The objects undergo a constant cycle of change and transition, inviting audiences to escape from the one-dimensional cognitive perception of the space they belong while holding them adrift in a state of critical distance. This experience of defamiliarization can make the viewer create questions about their borders and their own ontological journey.


Sukjoon Lee is a sculptor who works with various mediums such as electronic lights, sculpture, video, and installation, etc. Sukjoon Lee holds BFA, MFA in Sculpture at Seoul National University, Korea. Following his second MFA in Art & Technology Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), his work has developed to encompass electronics, kinetic machines, programming, and lighting. He teaches at the Seoul Art High School, Korea. Solo exhibitions include: Winners take it all (2011) at MUI Gallery and group exhibitions at various notable art venues in Korea including Dukwon Gallery and Museum of Art of Seoul National University.