2019 Season I

SOO HYEON KIM (South-Korea)  


Artist Statement/ Biography

Soo Hyeon Kim creates an environment by mimicking processes that occur in nature. Her work explores the idea of time, repetition, accumulation, process, and labor. Paraffin wax, her main material, allows her to experiment with the idea of making natural forms through the eco system that she has created. Through her work, micro events are observable through installation and durational performance. Kim's repetitive process is an important factor of her practice because the layers of time gets its meaning only when performed repeatedly for a long period of time to be delivered to the viewer. She explores the layers of time which is ultimately related to study of herself.


Soo Hyeon Kim (b.1992) is a Korean artist currently based in London and Seoul. She received MA from Royal College of Art (’18) and BFA from University of Michigan (’15). Soo Hyeon has been exhibited work internationally including OXO Tower Wharf, London (2018), Gallery DOS, Seoul, and was shortlisted for a Sunny Art Centre Prize (2017). She has participated a residency at Vermont Studio Center, Vermont, US. Soo Hyeon recently won a prize and had a solo show at Gallery DOS in Seoul, Korea.