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Available Short-Term Workspace


The International Short-Term Workspace Program is a short-term studio rental program available to international artists who wish to maintain a studio practice in New York City for periods of less than one year.

The program is designed to assist international artists who have a hard time securing short-term studio spaces due to the lack of credit history in the U.S. or the inability to sign a one or two year commercial lease for studios. The program provides international artists with the opportunity to work within an active and supportive artist community to create and develop their work while experiencing all that New York City has to offer.

Please note that the International Short-Term Workspace Program does not provide professional development or administrative services.

At this time, there is an immediate vacancy in the International Short-Term Workspace Program. If you would like to be considered for available studios, please contact us today.

For more information please email: / 718-768-2765