2019 Season II


Artist Statement/ Biography

Sa’dia Rehman is a multidisciplinary artist whose work explores how contemporary and historical images—in public and private records—communicate, consolidate and contest ideas about race, power and gender. Through performance, video, installation and large-scale wall drawing, Rehman obsessively pulls apart and puts together “images of consumption”— family photographs, mass media and art historical images. In addition to her archive, her core materials include hand-cut stencils, Xeroxes, velvet, charcoal, graphite, erasers, spray paint and ink.


Sa'dia Rehman has shared work at Twelve Gates Gallery (2019), The Kitchen (2018), Aicon (2018), Alwan for the Arts (2018), Queens Museum (2012), Brooklyn Museum (2010) and National Council of the Arts, Islamabad (2006). Sa'dia was a nominee of the 2017 Joan Mitchell Foundation Painters and Sculptors Grant, a recipient of Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson Grant (2018) and Meredith Morabito and Henrietta Mantooth Fellowship (2018). Sa'dia was an AIR at the Edward Albee Foundation (2018), Byrdcliffe (2018), Vermont Studio (2018), Rasquache Residency (2016), ASI/LMCC & Creative Capital (2011) and AIM (2008). Sa'dia's work was featured in the NYTimes, Harper's, Art Papers and ColorLines. Sa'dia received her MA from City College, CUNY (2006) and MFA from Ohio State University (2017).