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Curated By: Alessandro Facente
Spoken Words Exhibition: Panel Discussion
Artist Talk: September 11, 6-7pm

New York Art Residency &Studios (NARS) Foundation is delighted to introduce CURATICISM | The Gam #4, a Spoken Words Exhibition curated by Alessandro Facente with artists Vasiliki Antonopoulou (Greece/Great Britain), Karin Waskiewicz (USA), Jeremy D Olson (USA), and guest curator Christopher Eamon (New York) about the concept of displacement as resurfacing.

The GAM #4 introduces the work of three artists whose practices allegorize, sublimate and aestheticize the perception of our surroundings, by creating works that build up additional layers or excavate to discover an underlying surface. By generating new angles through which to look at the surroundings, these artists consciously and unconsciously generate reflections on human meanings and needs, such as being in the world and perceiving, trusting, or untrusting its social, political and urban stratifications that compromise their value.

Born in Greece, raised in Saudi Arabia and based in London, Vasiliki Antonopoulou is an artist who uses performance and installation to explore notions of different spaces and our experiences within them. Influenced by the two locations where she was born and grew-up, the principles of her work aim to understand and challenge the relationship and effect between actions and their hosting environment. By creating video collages combining documentation of her performances and filmed footage, she encourages an experience of ‘live viewing’.

Interested in how we see the world and our memory, Karin Waskiewicz’s paintings rely on discovery, excavating into the surface to find the painting beneath. It begins with an application thick layers of paint, creating a sedimentation of color that is later unearthed. The process allows for a journey through the depth of the paint, subtracting and adding to the supports until the painting is ultimately resolved. The layers of paint reveals their own history. They change and morph through the process, revealing different worlds within the painting.

Jeremy D Olson builds assemblages from everyday objects and events, particularly those of his surroundings, turning them into machines that include the viewer as a vital component. These machines articulate interfaces between modern subjects and their environment. The use of mechanical processes and analytical techniques in the making of these machines exacerbates and magnifies the conflicts that exist between the everyday entities that make them up, and the systems of control and regulation that they, and we, are entangled in.

Christopher Eamon is the forth guest curator involved at CURATICISM | The Gam series. His recent curated exhibition Grand Illusion(S) at the Simon Preston Gallery in New York gathered together artists whose works focuses on contemporary states of visuality prevalent in a surveillance society such as our modern state of being framed-for-use or ‘enframed’, making his curatorial profile a perfect fit for The Gam#4. Christopher Eamon is an Independent curator, former director of the New Art Trust and of the distinguished Pamela and Richard Kramlich
Collection in San Francisco.

The GAM is a series of spoken words exhibitions structured in such a way as to ask the artists to dig deep about ways their ideas are born and solidified, putting their experiences, as artists who come from different countries, into words for an audience. The GAM is part of the large-scale project CURATICISM, an ongoing attitude of curating in which the curator’s role is played as observer and witness of the artist’s way of making a piece of art, i.e. from the concept to the final creation, in order to critically outline a philology deeply belonging to its practice. Developed by the curator Alessandro Facente, CURATICISM identifies several activities that, although shaped each time in different forms, have the goal to explore the current status of the embedded curator, a long-form voice deep seated in the artist’s practice. 

Photo Credit: Vasiliki Antonopoulou, 220 x 80, 2013

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