2017 Season I & II



Artist Statement/ Biography

Human migration and settlement patterns are a reoccurring theme in Adeniyi’s work, especially due to her upbringing in both African and Western cultures. As a multidisciplinary artist who experiments with illustration, writing and film, the intersection of biography and elements of surrealism allows Adeniyi to syndicate these experiences into forms of abstract communication. Her drawings are playful and humorous, with an energy that appears in constant motion. The interpretation of a personal longing for ‘home’ and ‘belonging’ is captured in detailed images that examine the tensions of representing the reality of our natural world and the subconscious nostalgic fantasy. These fantasies take the form of travelling machines or the crude mapping of contemporary towns, meeting places, and waterholes.


Ololade Adeniyi (b. 1995) is a Nigerian-Australian artist captivated by cross cultural habitation. She holds a Bachelor of Architectural Design (Honours), and a BA in Illustration and Digital Media. To date, her artworks have been grounded in the research of rural landscapes and mark making symbols as metaphors for memory, history, and the slow passage of time. Adeniyi has exhibited extensively in Australia, and her work has been published in numerous art publications as well being held in private collections around the world.