Artist Statement

The exploration of ideas related to the physical self, and the relationship, interaction and context to our surroundings and environment. Figurative art moves me; Coming from a Fashion Design and Illustration background, I am inspired by the body, morphing it with the abstract, real and the unreal, the seen and unseen, bending and molding in two dimensions. “Moving in stillness”, a term I use to define my process, transferring dynamism to a flat surface, a hint of movement, a perception of motion, frames frozen in space, images overlaid, juxtaposing mechanics with the metaphysical. A slash of color, pastel planes across paint, I work layer upon layer, multiple washes building depth, interweaving lines, applying pigment with brush, pastel, charcoal, fingers, whatever helps me transfer the energy of the moment to capture the freedom, spontaneity, the idea, the immediacy captured from my minds eye and get it to the canvas.