Artist Statement
Nikki is interested in the human condition as it relates to the condition of humanity, and vise versa.
She is currently working on psychologically charged narratives that reintroduce ancient mystical and alchemical principles to the present cultural paradigm. Emotionally raw and complex, imaginative, whimsical and commanding paintings detail a heroine figure (in the process of) ‘letting go’ of her manufactured version of reality in an attempt to perceive true form and self. Fleshy/alien forms appear as "the shadows", functioning as realized emotions of the second chakra.

Artist Biography
Nikki Schiro is a native New York artist. Her studies in art include an M.F.A. (2006) and B.F.A. (2002) from Hunter College, NY, as well as the Saturday Outreach Program (1997) at Cooper Union College for the Advancement of Fine Art.
Schiro exhibits extensively in galleries, museums, non-profit and alternative spaces, home and abroad. Please see her website for CV, additional images and information.