2014 Season II


Artist Statement

Nicola Page explores tensions between the natural world and manufactured environments. Page’s work grapples with the role of organic form along with the authentic and emotive values conveyed by its inherent inconsistencies and imperfection in a pervasively digital age where precision and perfection often are imposed as paramount. She seeks a better understanding of the interplay between the natural and artificial worlds and contemplates the influence of physical environments on our subjective experiences.

Page's paintings identify an interest in expanding the medium and its possibilities through the development of painting on glass, transparent surfaces and the exploration of this process's relationship with photography and screen based work. Through painting on glass Page has sought to develop a unique language. Initiating works photographically, the process has broadened the dialogue in Page’s style and technique to explore mark making that is heavily influenced by Japanese calligraphy and ink drawing, while incorporating elements of transparency and luminosity present in digital and screen based work. Exhibitions include: ’Change of Nature,’ Rubicon ARI Melbourne 2013, ‘One Hundred And Twenty Seconds DV Art Festival,’ Federation Square Melbourne, 2013, ‘In Praise of Shadows,’ C3 Gallery Melbourne 2012, ‘Tidal Flux,’ White Street Project Frankston 2012, ‘Tree Line’ Level ARI, Brisbane 2011 ‘New Works,’ Jiwar Creation Society Barcelona 2011, ‘Worm Mountain,’ C3 Gallery Melbourne 2010, ‘Beneath the Empire,’ Flinders Lane Gallery Melbourne 2008. She has also been the finalist and recipient for several visual arts awards and residencies including Artist-in-residence for Level ARI Brisbane 2011, support stipend for residency at Can Serrat International Art Centre Spain in 2011 and entry to the NARS International Artist Residency Program in New York 2014.