2018 Season II


Artist Statement/ Biography

Mazzone's research is a study into the idea of being able to perceive and express visually the obsession for perfection, proposing the geometry as a guiding principle of the creative act. The intent is to visually convey the logical relationships that underpin the work, rejecting the immediate drive-guided and self-centered expression, to light up the need to contain and rationalize one’s own emotions to make them communicable, in the secret ambition to create a universal visual language. She works by highlighting the overcoming of the idea of two and three-dimensionality, explicitly referring to orthogonal or isometric projections and to the five unresolvable Euclidean problems.


Monica Mazzone is an Italian artist who lives and works between Milan and New York. She received her MFA from Brera Fine Arts Academy and from European Design Institute, Milan. Venues that have exhibited her works include Palazzo Reale, Arthur Cravan Foundation, Studio Maraniello, Formentinni Gallery, Fabbrica del Vapore, Isimbardi Palace - Milan, Museum of Contemporary art Lissone, International Museum of Ceramic Laveno, Cart Gallery, Villa Contemporanea Gallery, Re Palace Giulianova, Spazio Thetis Arsenale Venice, Satzyor Gallery Budapest, and Merkur Gallery Istanbul. She participated in the Cairo Prize, Lissone Prize, Combat Prize, and Art National Prize. She is an active member of the editorial staff of the art magazine E IL TOPO, with which she creates events and performances internationally. She curates some annual exhibitions during Studi Festival in Milan and an art column called Fruit Soap.