2018 Season I

LU ZHANG (China)


Artist Statement/ Biography

In 2017, Lu created Wildman CLAB, a lab/club for researching and proving the existence of primitive individuals. Wildman CLAB explores the unknown and unexplainable part of human relationships by providing activities and experiences within specific environments, such as recreating a home karaoke experience in a public park in Chinatown. Working with photo, video, and live stream interactivity, Lu has been interested examining the nature of human relationships in the age of social media when apps mediate romance, friendships and fandom. Lu also dedicates herself to ceramics among other disciplines. Her ceramic sculptures are autobiographical, and are ways to understand humanity through her relationship to others – herself, her family, her lovers, and to society.


Lu Zhang was born in Xian, China, now lives and works in New York. Lu holds MFA and MS in Fine Arts and Art History from Pratt Institute, and BA degree in Economics from Xian Jiao Tong University. Lu has been shown internationally and nationally.