Artist Statement

I have worked and taught for many years in textiles and fashion, in addition to being an artist. My focus on design and production has led me to creating spaces where art and applied design coexist: The painting is a rug is a blanket is wallpaper is an installation. I generate context for these symbiotic relationships and immerse them and the viewer into the experience. Physical space and architecture have become active players, as the work dances between material, color, scale and mass in all dimensions. I am interested in how these material creations can express extremes and contrasts: hard/soft; disorder/order; tension/release; darkness/blinding light. I often employ graphic, abstract, and ordered geometries which are meant to evoke both chaos and calm. Explosions, vibrations, and optical phenomena materialize in line and shape, shatter and fracture in dramatic ways, and then align themselves with precision and balance through a concurrent process of renewal and decay. Using the universal language of bold lines, repeated stripes and angles, as well as vivid color, this work grapples with depictions of energy. Jagged lightning bolt lines and shards of color intermingle with thick tangles of multicolored thread, evoking the precision, resistance, and complexity of our modern lives, where every moment has its graphic warning and daily human experience vacillates between elation and terror.

Artist Biography

Liz Collins is a New York City-based artist and designer known for her textiles and for her performance/ installation project KNITTING NATION. Collins has had solo exhibitions at Heller Gallery, NY; AMP Gallery, Provincetown, MA; Occidental College, LA; Textile Arts Center, NY; AS220, Providence, RI; and the Knoxville Museum of Art. Her work has been included in numerous exhibitions at institutions including the ICA/Boston; Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art; the Museum of FIT; the Milwaukee Art Museum; the Museum of Arts and Design; MoMA; and the Tang Museum at Skidmore College. Collins’ awards include a USA Fellowship, a MacColl Johnson Fellowship, and residencies at Haystack, Yaddo, Shetland College, QueerArts Zagreb and AIR Alaska. Collins received both her BFA and MFA from RISD and was an Associate Professor there from 2003-2013, and has since taught in the Fiber and Fashion Departments at PRATT, SAIC, and MICA. Forthcoming in fall 2015 is a solo show at the Tang Museum.