2018 Season IV

Linda Loh (australia)


Artist Statement/ Biography

Linda Loh captures incidents of fleeting colour, light or reflection, then submits them to an iterative process of translation, using a fusion of digital, photographic and painterly procedures. These in turn could be source material for further pieces. Works may include digital videos or files to be shared and viewed online, digital pigment prints - small or huge, on paper or fabric - screen based moving image works and projection installations. Deploying abstraction, she plays with perceptual experience, and ponders the aesthetic dichotomies of works arising from quiet, light-based phenomena, alternating with those that embrace vivid colour and strong forms. Her interests align with the ephemeral, elusive nature of experience and perception, and indeed mind itself.


Linda Loh is a Melbourne based artist whose work has been in solo and group exhibitions in Melbourne and around Australia, as well as internationally and online. Solo exhibitions include George Paton Gallery, Melbourne, and First Site Gallery, Melbourne. After her graduation exhibition at RMIT University in 2012, she was curated into an exhibition at Tasma Gallery, Melbourne. That year, she was selected for the Blindside Screen Series exhibition, Melbourne, and in 2015 was a finalist in the Sunshine Coast New Media Award. Her video works have featured in festivals and galleries around Australia, as well as in the USA. In 2013 she undertook a residency in Penang, Malaysia, and in 2018 she completed a 2 month residency in Finland.