2018 Season II


Artist Statement/ Biography

Driven by her own personal obsessions, which often mirrors that of humankind and specifically the history of humanity and her geographical, ethnical and political area of ‘provenance’, her projects are often based on places – a spot in the city , an historical monument or other site’s. Her large scale painting installations are characterized by a monochromatic nature and revolves around space in all its forms and multiple meanings. Acknowledging that we are living and building on the ruins of former times and the foundations of other civilizations and experiences, Turjeman reconnects to streams or powers that are hidden underground and picks up evidences or traces, bringing them to the surface of the painting and engraving them within the material by performing actions above the canvas.


Lihi Turjeman (Born 1985) is a Tel-Aviv based Artist. She studied at Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem (2010 BFA, 2014 MFA) and at the école nationale superieure des beaux-arts in Paris as a visiting student (2008/9). In 2015 she was a resident at the Cite internationale des­ Art in Paris and received the Young Artist Ministry of Culture Award . Turjeman is a former resident of Artport TLV and Foundation Spinola in Italy. Turjeman has exhibited widely during the past few years, including CCA Tlv, Frieze NY, Petach-Tikva Museum of Contemporary Art, Haifa Museum of Art, and The Jerusalem Artists House. She is represented by Sommer Gallery for Contemporary Art.