2018 Season IV

Leah Hewson (Ireland)


Artist Statement/ Biography

Hewson has an ongoing curiosity for the diversity and reasoning of human behaviour. Her practice orbits around the fundamentals of psychological theories. Taking herself as an open case study, Hewson adapts these theories to perform in a visual art context, closely psychoanalyzing repeated behaviours and emotions. Diving into the space before something becomes an idea, Hewson adopts an instinctive approach to image making. She taps into her unconscious by making impulsive reactions to materials and surface building layers of colour, pattern and form over multiple canvases at one time to confront the complexity of this space. The visual language that emerges is a documented glimpse into the activity of this unconscious space.


Hewson was awarded a First-Class BA(Hons) degree in Fine Art at DLIADT, Dublin in 2010. Her solo exhibitions include, ‘What’s behind the magic door?’ (2011), ‘CUSP’(2013), ‘Scintilla’ at The Royal Hibernian Academy, which was the culmination of work produced during a six-month residency at The Royal Hibernian Academy School, and ‘Ammo Veil’(2018) at Hillsboro Fine Art. Hewson is accredited with the Picture Works 2011 prize and a ‘Special Prize for Contemporary Art’ at the ‘Biennial of Humour and Satire in Art’, Bulgaria (2017). Her work is part of collections including The Office of Public Works, Dublin, The Law Society of Ireland, the Microsoft Collection and The Trinity College History of Art Collection.