Artist Statement

I work in the media of painting, drawing and installations. In my practice I explore the dynamic relationship between nature, culture and site, through expanding the boundaries of painting and drawing into a new form such as installation. My paintings and installations combine charged imagery which consequently loses their loaded context, transforming into a visual, abstracted experience.

The images I am concerned with are familiar, fretted and yet charged. They are usually composed from a model with an inherent regularity and pattern, such as: kaffiyah, tiger, diamond, as well as eastern and western architecture elements, and nature. I transform and deform these models, create new images that recall a little of their former selves. I wish to reach the point where these images become a universal form, lose their political and social context and turn into a visual experience. These images are the basis for my large-scale site specific installations.

My works attempts to walk the border between political art and escapism, and wish to suggest a space between them. This is the space in which the viewer can confront the actual political questions side by side with esthetic-art questions that have to do with the history of Art.

In my creative process I handle the images I choose and present them on the boundary between concrete and abstract. Dissembling and reassembling these parts creates a new associative sensation. My involvement with charged images reflected in my works as an allusive boundaries between the political and artistic, the visible and concealed, or the covered and revealed. I am interested in questions relating to the shape of an image and the ability of painting, as a language, to create a new image from my previous drawing and painting, which goes awry through various techniques and materials: such as oil paintings, ink drawings, cutouts, print and more.