2016 Season IV


Artist Statement/ Biography

Kate Power's work is an exploration of coexistence and enforced societal constructions and conventions that can complicate how we relate to others. Through an expanded spatial art practice, she focuses on the construction of identity by observing how similarities and differences between people influence interactions. She aims to describe the frustrating impenetrability of other people with a particular emphasis on the humorous outcomes of navigating socially acceptable behaviour. These ideas in turn form a framework to consider feelings of loneliness, dysfunction, uncertainty and suppressed desire.


Kate Power is a sculpture and installation artist based in Adelaide. Her practice embraces video, performance, textiles, sculpture and installation to investigate coexistence and enforced social constructions that can complicate how people relate to one another. Power is a recent graduate with first class Honours from the South Australian School of Art and has been awarded the Constance Gordon-Johnson Sculpture and Installation Prize. Power has exhibited at BLINDSIDE (VIC); CACSA Project Space (SA); Fontanelle (SA); Paper Mountain ARI (WA); FELTspace (SA); Light Square Gallery (SA); Format (SA); Sydney Contemporary Art Fair (NSW). She is a co-Director at FELTspace and co-founder of Axe House Studios.

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