2016 Season IV


Artist Statement/ Biography

Norman’s practice explores the ephemeral relationships between objects and experiences where negative space becomes intertwined and confused with the positive as does the foreground with the background. She considers practiced, meditative observation to be the primary, if immaterial medium in the production of her work. Once drafted however, the work is archived with material mediums including graphite, mixed media, and/or digital documentation. Subsequent manipulation of the accumulated layers enmeshes the surfaces with their conceptual origins. Untangled from everyday contexts and placed in shifting relationships with one another, ordinary objects shed their familiar designations and roam freely as autonomous entities in Norman’s work. The resulting constructions allow novelty and obsolescence to comingle in both material and temporal space.


Toronto based, multidisciplinary artist Jennifer Anne Norman completed a BFA at OCAD University, Toronto, ON and an MFA at the University of Ottawa, ON, Canada. She has exhibited extensively in Canada, Scotland, Italy and the USA and her work is included in the Canada Council’s National Art Bank as well as numerous private collections. Norman has been awarded multiple artist grants for the production of her work and has frequently collaborated in international artist residencies, most notably the Banff Center for the Arts, AB; the Golden Artist Residency, NY; the Living Arts Center, ON; Team Effort Collective, Glasgow, Scotland; and most recently 2Rooms Contemporary in Newfoundland, CA.