Artist Statement

I work primarily with the figure in paint, pastel, clay, charcoal, and graphite. Trained in the classical tradition I prefer to work from life using models for my figure works. I also paint landscape and still life. These are smaller studies which are quickly executed and painted on sight. The portrait and multi figure paintings are more complex and require many sessions with models in my studio. When working with figure or still life, my concern is to paint the forms sculpturally in space. Composition and context of forms are problem solving issues that evolve with each work. I recently finished a series of still life paintings titled “Swiss Chard and Kale”. Red Russian Kale will be exhibited at the NARS Foundation gallery, “over, under, through” September 11th- October 9th, 2015. Five other paintings in this series may be viewed in my work space at the J & M Open Studios scheduled for September 26th, 12-6pm. For more information visit my website at