Program Description

What is the size of the studio space?
The studio is a 280-325 sq ft work space. There are two studio options available: private, interior workspace with no windows and semi-private workspace with windows and a three-quarter wall. Please see the Spaces section of our website for a floor plan and pictures of the studios.

What sort of opportunities will I have to present my work to the public during my residency term?
The NARS residency offers artists multiple opportunities to introduce and share work through Artist Talks, discussions, screenings, workshops, and performances. The residency program culminates in a group exhibition at the NARS Foundation Gallery and/or an Open Studio event that is open to the general public.

How many studio visits will I expect to receive during my residency?
On average, residency artists will receive 4 -6 studio visits per month by curators, critics, art historians and gallerists. Complete list of past visitors can be found below.

What else does the NARS residency offer?
In addition to the above mentioned studio visits and public presentations, our staff of experienced curators and artists, is available to provide technical assistance and support your projects development through to public presentation. Weekly informal gatherings, inter-studio visits and activities, as well as monthly field trips and meals together, are designed to form a community, foster cultural and exchange of artistic practices and ideas among residency and studio artists, and provide exposure to New York based artists and art institutions.

What are the residency terms dates?
International applicants may choose to stay between three-month and six-month terms that start in January, April, July, and October of each year. US based artists are limited to a three-month residency term with no option to extend or defer.

Is the studio a work/live space or will I need to find accomodations when relocating to New York?
The studio is a workspace only. Artists are responsible for their own housing. Those who may need additional funding and support for housing accommodations should apply to other supplemental sources.

I work with film / photography / clay / wood. Are there facilities and equipment within the NARS studios to work with these materials?
There are no special facilities or equipment provided by NARS. We offer a 24/7 accessible studio space with a worktable, chair and internet access. The artist will be responsible for providing all the equipment or materials needed for projects created throughout the duration of the residency. We are glad to refer you to the abundant artist resources and facilities in the Brooklyn and greater New York area. Residents are offered access to Materials for the Arts during the residency.

Program Fees

What is the cost of the NARS Foundation International Artist Residency?
International artists are responsible for a program fee of $6,000 for a three month term and $10,000 for a six month term.

Are International artists eligible to receive NARS Fellowships?
No, International artists are not eligible for the Full or Partial Fellowship at this time. Currently, only U.S.-based artists are eligible for Fellowships.

Does NARS offer resources to fund the cost of the residency?
NARS may be able to assist in locating some potential funding resources to contact. However, the artist will be responsible for covering the cost of the residency and will have to secure the funding on their own.

Will I have to cover the cost of travel?
The artist will be responsible for covering any travel expenses.

Application and Submission Guidelines

What is the final deadline for submitting my online application form?
All applications must be electronically submitted before 11:59PM EST on the date specified in the open call. Applicants will not be able to access the application past the deadline.

Can I mail a hard copy of my application materials to the NARS office?
No, hard copy submissions will not be accepted. The application must be completed and submitted through the online form.

I am currently residing abroad but I am a US citizen with a valid address in the US. Should I apply using the International or US Based artist Application?
If you are US citizen with an address in the United States, you may apply using the US-Based Artist Application. Please be sure to list your US address as your permanent address when filling out your application.

I am an artist with foreign citizenship but am currently living in the US. Should I apply using the International or US Based Artist Application?
International artists who are based and active in the United States and have a US address may apply using a U.S. Based application. Please note that on average the ratio of International to US artists in the program is 4:1.

I have video samples as well as jpegs of my work. Can I submit samples of both?
On the application form, applicants may select from one of three submission options. You may upload up to 10 images or video links from your personal site or video hosting sites (such as vimeo, flickr or youtube) of your recent work. You can upload any combination totaling 10.

Are MFA candidates and current students eligible for participation in the NARS Residency Program?
No, students are not eligible to apply.

I am currently a student but will have graduated by the beginning of the Residency Term. Am I eligible to apply?
Yes, current students who will have graduated by the beginning of the Residency term are eligible to apply.

I am active in my artistic practice but I do not have an extensive history of exhibiting or selling work. Am I eligible to apply?
Yes, we would encourage you to apply. The NARS International Residency Program strives to offer professional development opportunities for artists who would benefit from exposure, dialogue with an artistic community, and a change of environment.

Can I work on my application form and then return to complete it at a later date?
Yes, creating a login account will enable you to complete the form in several sessions. However, each page must be completely filled out before you are able to proceed to the next page.

I just submitted my application but I want to return to it and make an edit. Is this possible?
No, once your application is submitted, you will not be able to return to the form or change any submitted information. The application fee must also be paid at the time of submitting your application as you will not be able to re log-in to access the payment page again.

Will I receive confirmation that my application has been received?
Yes, applicants will receive a confirmation email once the application form and application fee have been received.

Application Fees

How do I pay the application fee?
Payment must be submitted via credit card account through the online application form system. After you complete and submit your application, you will be directed to a confirmation page and a link to pay your application fee. The application fee must be paid at the time of submitting your application as you will not be able to re log-in to access the payment page again.

I have a question that wasn’t answered. How can I reach the NARS Foundation?
If you have any further questions, please contact