Juried Solo Exhibition

The aim of the Juried Solo Exhibition Program is to create a platform for artists to present their curated body of work to wider audience with staff support. The exhibition provides the opportunity for one selected emerging and underrepresented national and international artist to present innovative and compelling artwork that creates new dialogue and a forum for exchanging ideas. The program provides one selected artist with gallery space and curatorial and administrative support for a solo show. The artist must present a strong cohesive body of work produced within the last five years.

Emerging Curator Exhibition

The Emerging Curator Program offers an opportunity for an individual or curatorial collective to organize a conceptually cohesive group show at the NARS Foundation Gallery. The aim of the program is to encourage new dialogue and to create a platform for emerging curators and artists to experiment and exchange ideas.

No prior curatorial experience is necessary. An experienced curator on staff will be available to provide guidance and support during the program.

Spotlight Series

Spotlight is a series of solo exhibitions in our second floor space featuring artists who are part of the NARS community.

Residency Exhibitions

Each three-month residency season culminates in a group exhibition featuring the season's artists. Artists have a choice of displaying new work developed during their residency or works completed prior. The exhibition serves as an extension of the artists' studio space, allowing them to showcase their work in a more formal setting.

Studio Artist Exhibitions

Each year, NARS presents an exhibition showcasing the multidisciplinary works of the diverse community of artists who have made NARS their creative home.

South-West Brooklyn

The NARS Foundation held its inagural South-West Brooklyn Exhibition in 2016. The NARS South-West Brooklyn Exhibition Program provides emerging and underrepresented artists with the opportunity to participate in a group exhibition in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The aim of the program is to engage artists of South-West Brooklyn in a dialogue through a curated group exhibition.

South-West Brooklyn has become a hub of artistic activity but is still largely under recognized in the art world. As part of NARS’ mission to engage with and promote the artists of South-West Brooklyn, the NARS South-West Exhibition Program strives to contribute to the recognition of the art world of South Brooklyn by highlighting the innovative work being produced today. For the purpose of this program, South-West Brooklyn is defined as living and/or with studio space in Sunset Park, Park Slope, Gowanus, Red Hook, Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Borough Park, or Windsor Terrace. The program will curate a group exhibition from the art work submitted in the Open Call.

The South-West Exhibition will be held biennially. Our next open call will be announced later this year for our 2018 exhibition.


In addition to our exhibition programs, NARS hosts staff- or guest-curated exhibitions throughout the year, both in our gallery space and with partnered venues.