2018 Season III & IV


Artist Statement/ Biography

Erin Gleason’s artworks critically and playfully challenge our relationship to the “tug” that exists between measurement and lived experience, the rational and the sensuous. What began as an artistic inquiry into the "tug" of place has grown into a broader examination of this tug in language, the feminine, time, and the sublime. Drawing from her current research in philosophy and aesthetics and nearly twenty years of professional experience in the fields of architecture and graphic design, she creates artworks in multiple mediums from drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, and installation to public art commissions, interactive events, curating, and writing. The artworks are often laced with a subtle humor and draw attention to the sense of wonderment in everyday life.


Erin has exhibited and curated widely including BRIC, Wayfarers, FiveMyles in NYC; 222 Gallery in Philadelphia; Inverleith House/Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Pier Arts Center, Tent Gallery, and Shetland Museum in Scotland. She has won national public art competitions in Scotland and Pennsylvania, a Russell Trust Award, and is a Lori Ledis Curator Fellow at BRIC. Erin co-founded the Crown Heights Film Festival and directed/curated its first four years. She is the founder and producer of the Cultural Fluency publication. Erin received a BA from University of Pennsylvania, MFA from Edinburgh College of Art, and is a PhD candidate in Philosophy and Art Theory at Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts.