2012 Season II, 2013 Season I


Artist Statement

The basic impulse that underlies all of Drew Hamilton's works is a desire to work with his hands and feel materially connected to the world. By doing so, he has developed a sort of repository of metaphors and interests that have given direction and form to that basic impulse.
The project that perhaps best embodies his interest in what it means to be physically engaged with the world, is the series Ergonomic Sculptures. In this series, he casts large organic forms by filling latex with plaster. As the plaster dried, Drew asked a number of friends to manipulate the forms with the their bodies (holding, hugging, punching, etc.) until the plaster set. These objects, shown at Flux Factory, were intended to exist both as beautiful and mysterious hand-made objects in their own right, and as a record of interaction between two people; a sort of residue of private moments.