2011 Season I


Artist Statement/ Biography

Daniele Genadry is interested in visual memory and its influence on sight, where (a) view is formed by a collection of moments, in addition to the specific location and frame of the present. She draws on her movement between Lebanon, Italy and the States, and her recent work is based on snapshots she takes while (literally) in transit- which are then recreated and reenacted through painting, printmaking and video. Through this process, she attempts to elongate a snapshot, to its slowest possible form


Daniele Genadry was in born in Baltimore, Maryland and has a BA in studio art and mathematics from Dartmouth College (2002), and an MFA from the Slade School of Art, in London (2008). She was the recipient of a James B. Reynolds Fellowship for independent research and work in Beirut, Lebanon in 2005-06 and has participated in numerous artist residencies, including Illuminating Cultures (at Tate Britain), the Anderson Ranch Art Center, East London Printmakers, Fondazione Ratti (Italy), the Utopia Project (Crete), and the Frans Masereel Centrum (Belgium). She has exhibited both internationally and in the United States and currently lives and works in New York.