2019 Season III

Daesup Song (USA / South Korea)


Artist Statement/ Biography

Daesup Song has been exploring how his works can evoke emotions to viewers. Also, he is interested in whether viewers are able to feel specific emotions he intended to bring in. His works are centered on conveying cultural and poetic meanings he experienced in mundane life by re-romanticizing and animating everyday and found objects into new forms of sculptures like a symbol and monument Inspired by the Korean traditional ancestral rites, Jesa, from his childhood, the forms are often shown as the new esthetics of symbolism. He grew up watching his family how to prepare and compose food and utensils in certain rules for the Jesa table, in which he found the beauty. Throughout his works, he examines how mundane objects can be turned into the new aesthetics of symbolism by composing them in certain ways just like Jesa table. By removing the objects’ original use of purpose and decomposing and reconstructing them, he aims to deliver the emotions he feels at the moment while making his arts or at any given point of his lives. He is experimenting if these emotions can be transferred to viewers through his works.


Daesup Song is a sculptor currently based in Brooklyn, NY. He was born in South Korea and has earned his M.A. in Sculpture at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, GA, and B.F.A. in Sculpture at Kyonggi University in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. His works have been shown in Abernathy Art Center in Atlanta, GA, Mason Fine Art gallery in Atlanta, GA, Hathaway Contemporary Gallery in Atlanta, GA, Blue Mark Studios in Atlanta, GA, Art Space BOAN in Seoul and others too. He was awarded the Best in Show from the Georgia Artists: A Juried Exhibition hosted by Fulton County Arts & Culture at Abernathy Arts Center in Atlanta, GA and selected by MINT 4 Annual National Juried Exhibition. He has participated in the Residency Program at Unit110 Storefront in New York, NY in 2018.