2014 Season III


Artist Statement/ Biography

Chae Gang Jeon's work starts with the question about the things that we take for granted. She tries to focus on the "How" the information’s labeled "truth" or "as it is" covering our daily lives are being read in a certain way. And then she gets interested in the elements such as (in broader sense) the construction of the text, the frame, and the narrative. Then she tries zooming out and looks for specific and clear icons that show the inner contradictions dwelling in the "truth" and “legitimate" territory. This is because she wants to suggest the widened and deconstructed view to the viewers and herself by the act of noticing the facing reality

Jeon composes the pictures with the images she comes across the WWW. This act is based on the thought that contemporary art works are "creations" that 'live off' and to 'live off' what already exists could be the most subjective act that a contemporary painter can act out. This was sought as an answer for how to interpret and express the 'here-and-now' utilizing the 'how-and-why'. This process of problem solving was depicted on “Today's Issues” series.


Born in 1985 in Changwon, South Korea

Lives and Works in Seoul, South Korea

Chae Gang Jeon is a painter from Seoul, South Korea. She gets interested in ways of consuming images today. She believes that a tragic accident occurs when a person cannot break free from a fixed impression. That is why she wants to emphasis on the time for critical thinking by her works. In 2009, she had her first solo show, ‘Lookers-On’ at the Jungmiso Gallery. Since then, she has participated in numerous exhibitions in museums and galleries in Asia and Europe, among them Saatchi Gallery, London, United Kingdom, The Arts house, Singapore, SeMA, Seoul, Korea.