2018 Season I



Artist Statement/ Biography

Annesofie Sandal works with the discarded, the dirty, and the unwanted in sculpture, site-specific installation, photography, and video performance. She examines social and cultural hierarchies through the use of inexpensive and used materials. Her main material is found cardboard, that she transfigures with graphite, acrylic and oil paint to disguise the surface and to confuse the perception of the work.

Through the alterations of discarded materials she displays the complexities of otherness and sense of marginalization and questions the labels of high/low, clean/dirty, disposable/precious, worthy/unworthy. With her work, she addresses the fear of the other that divides people and spreads prejudice and hate to advocate for more tolerance, greater understanding and human interaction with each other and the world.


Annesofie Sandal (b.1977, Seoul) is a Danish artist based in Copenhagen and New York. Her work has been displayed at Borg Biennial in Antwerp, The Sculpture Triennial in Odense, Changdong National Art Studio in Seoul and the 4th AIM Biennial at The Bronx Museum of The Arts in New York. Solo shows count Factory Gallery in Seoul, Ace Art Gallery in Winnipeg and Format Art Space in Copenhagen. Last year, she was a Harpo Fellow at Santa Fe Art Institute. Past residencies include Skowhegan, ISCP, Caldera and Museum of Modern Art in Seoul. Beside her individual praxis she is also founder of the art group Island. She holds an MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Visual Arts in Copenhagen.