Artist Statement

I am an artist that is fascinated by the power of consciousness; particularly how dreams, memories, and the subconscious impacts one's perspective, even in waking life. While I’ve worked in a variety of creative mediums, my current artistic practices of choice are photography, drawing, and painting. As a Cuban- American, religious rituals, traditions, and folklore of my heritage is engrained with a unique combination of mysticism, spirituality, and sensuality, and such sentiments are reflected within my entire body of work. These intrinsic attributes of the fables, fairy tales, and fantasies from my youth have had profound influence on my perspective of reality and how I relate to people and places encountered in daily life. I see interdependent relationships existing between fantasy and reality, past memories and present happenings, the power of the conscious and subconscious imagination. As an artist, my intention is to bring these concepts into the concrete, creative plane and share my personal truths.

“Formerly we used to represent things visible on earth. Things we either liked to look at or would have liked to see. Today we reveal the reality that is behind visible things, thus expressing the belief that the visible world is merely an isolated case in relation to the universe and that there are many more other, latent realities..“

Paul Klee

Artist Biography

Ana Delgado was born in Cuba. Her family immigrated to the south of the United States in 1962, settling in Vicksburg, Mississippi after her father, a doctor, was offered a job at a local hospital. The combination of her Cuban culture and the environment of the deep south have allowed Ana to cultivate her extraordinary perspective and inspired her creativity.

She received a BFA from University of Texas in Austin in 1983. That same year, her multi-media instillation was awarded first prize at the Graduate Exhibition at the Brazos Gallery, and her photographs were also featured in the group exhibition, Texas Women Photographers, at the Cannon Photo Gallery in Amsterdam. In 1989, she received her M.F.A from NYU. In 1988 she received a grant from Artist Space to produce a series of group shows throughout local parks in New York, entitled, Artist Without Permission. Her work has been featured in solo exhibitions at Dean Street Gallery in Brooklyn in 2003, TAI Gallery in Manhattan in 2004, Joya in Brooklyn in 2006, and Find Furniture in Brooklyn in 2010. She has also participated in numerous group exhibitions. In 1990, she participated in a group show entitled 7 After Eve, at the Artist Television Access gallery in San Francisco, Ca. In Manhattan, group exhibitions include: The Knitting Factory in 1988, 494 Gallery in 1991, the Westbeth Gallery in 1991, the Studio Museum in Harlem in 1995, Tallies’ fine Art Gallery in 2000. In Brooklyn, group exhibitions include: Safe-T-Gallery in 2000, C.C.C Gallery in 2009, Creatives Rising Digital Projection in 2013, and the NARS Foundation Gallery in 2014. Her work continues to be exhibited and sold in galleries, retail stores, restaurants, and sold for private commissions all over the world.