Artist Statement

My art-making is not unlike solving a mathematical equation.

It requires mapping and scaling as much as it does trial and error in the pursuit of a solution. The solution I am after is not definitive and never static. I explore compositions that gesticulate in their design, resulting in work that is simultaneously full of tension and flight. I find solutions in the interstices of flux—within the ebb and flow of energies dependent on the construction of various, disparate materials. Intricate by design and rich in both systems and symbols, my work holds to be true that all material contains hidden potential, and that individual matter can act as an agent to solving a larger problem when constructed together, i.e., the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Crafty in a sense, my practice involves a hand-made methodology that fosters an active alternative—a private abyss where our minds can both rest and travel. Pencil often represents logical systems, while thread connotes flexibility, softness, and connection. Harder materials of metal and plastic acknowledge the man-made and nod at the necessary rigidity of structure and core. Natural, found objects are left alone or altered sparingly (segmented perhaps) but always recognizable, honoring their connection to a broader system. The outcome is dependent on how the materials' particles will connect, respond, and rely on one another to form a solution rooted in radiant energy—the radiation that emanates off the skin/surface of matter when hand-aligned in rhythmic patterns. I seek to magnify the interactions normally hidden and kept secret by their infinitesimal nature.

Equal parts investigation and cultivation, the work is intimate and responds to patience and presence when receiving it. The viewer may become themselves an agent of change by navigating the space surrounding the piece, and testing its borders. No matter how large or small the scale, I am always interested in creating a sense of movement in all directions—one that extends and taps into that greater rhizome that connects the circular with linear, the element to architecture, man and matter, math and art.

Artist Biography

Alexis Myre is a Brooklyn based mixed media artist originally from Boulder, Colorado. She studied mathematics and industrial design before transferring to California College of the Arts where she received a BFA with an emphasis in Jewelry and Metal Arts in 2010. Myre’s work is intricate by design and imbues itself both mathematically and symbolically with the idea that all material holds a hidden potential.She has exhibited work in New York, Chicago, Asheville, Oakland, Houston, Rajasthan, India. She is the recipient of a Windgate Fellowship in 2010 and participated in artist residencies in India, Maine, New Mexico and Houston.