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Fluid Currency

Monica Mazzone banner.jpg

Image: "Otherwise known" by Monica Mazzone

June 8 - 22
Opening reception: June 8, 6-9 pm

Featuring NARS Spring residency artists:
Caitlin Berrigan (USA) | Jason File (UK/Netherlands) | Carlos Franco (Puerto Rico/USA) | Maya Jeffereis (USA) | Bonam Kim (South Korea) | Tzu-An Ko (Taiwan) | Monica Mazzone (Italy) | Levan Mindiashvili (Georgia/USA) | Freya Powell (USA) | Lihi Turjeman (Israel)

NARS Foundation is pleased to present fluid CURRENCY, offering works in various stages of completion by our 10 current artists-in-residence. What is currency? Ultimately, it is some kind of a unit, a recognized store of value, which is traded for goods and services. Traditionally, it takes the form of a material object, made of precious or semi-precious metals, or ultimately non-precious alloys; or notes of paper, originally made with woodblock printing in China (Tang and Song Dynasties). Today we have an onslaught of digital currencies, not tied to any specific country or national bank. But currency can refer to anything of value, whether it relates to the art market, the stock exchange, business contracts, or friendship. Currency is also anything that is generally accepted or in use, in circulation – and it is legal tender.

The current NARS residents bridge such a wealth of métiers, of media, genre, subject matter and expertise, rendering the NARS studios almost a microcosm of the world at large, originating from all points of the globe. Their material, their craft, and their processes span an entire universe, but there are points of intersection and parallel lines. Their rate of exchange is high, their craft is razor-sharp, they are focused, yet also intuitive. Their material comprises space, home, measure, justice, labor, globalism, explosions, identity politics, traces of memory, myth and math. Enormous topics with which we invite you to make an exchange.

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