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Through The Vortex


Through The Vortex

March 15 - April 4
Opening: March 15, 5-7pm

The New York Art Residency & Studios (NARS) Foundation is pleased to present the opening of Through the Vortex, a group exhibition featuring the work of Shannon Beal, Nicola Ginzel, Natalie Moore, Tempest NeuCollins, and Ellen Schneiderman. Defined as a region of fluid where the flow spins around an invisible axis, a vortex is a massive force of transformation. Far beyond our strength, it sweeps up and changes all that it touches. The show investigates the root and result of the ability to alter our everyday existence, as though through the force of a vortex.

These five artists highlight the modified state of realities through the manipulation and elevation of their materials. Shannon Beal examines the idealized reality of webcams and their occupants through the internet-viewer's window. Nicola Ginzel’s work embraces the ephemeral bits of everyday trash, and molds them into precious objects. Natalie Moore seeks fluid forms within the structure of steel mesh, imbibing them with a new existence. Tempest NeuCollins takes the landscape and develops it through her memories and relationships. Ellen Schneiderman forms her mounds by slowly and steadily building panels from paper, and discovers paintings emerging from the inside out.

Though their process may differ, the altered resulting product remains the same. Carving its way through the ether, the vortex will not be stopped.

Curated by: Margaret Flanagan

Participating Artists: Shannon Beal, Nicola Ginzel
Natalie Moore, Tempest NeuCollins and Ellen Schneiderman


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