2013 Season I


Artist Statement

What kind of time is the video (and the world) fulfilled? When I was a high school student. I got the CD which consists of only performances about 1 to 30 seconds ''GuyaAAAAA!" and "BuwagyaAAAA!" . So I had the question " how does this band perform in live". And I orderd their bootleg live video from Germany. But, they were only lazy with drinking. And they played only 4 songs of such short duration in 30minutes show. Surprisingly,in the first song, They shouted "" , threw up the instruments and, finally jumped into the crowd.

On above-mentioned description, It may be able to be thought excitingly. Actually in almost all time, The video showed me that three drunk guys were lazy in the roar of audience. So, it was "boring". But, I thought there're overwhelming affirmation and surrender to "time" . And I consider this time is very significant.

By the way, on this video (and in the world) "what is music?" Time of the songs hardly played ? or Time which the drunkard is spending indolently ?

**The band's name was "AxCx". R.I.P Seth Putnam