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Studio Visit Tours


Studio Visit Tour for families
June 3, 12-2 pm

NARS Foundation invites you to a guided family tour of our artists' studios as part of our Spring Open Studios weekend, June 2-3.

On Saturday, June 3, 12-2 PM, families will be led through select studios to meet the artists, learn more about their artistic practices, and experience art in the intimate space of its making.

After the tour, we invite you to stay and explore the rest of the Open Studios, featuring over 60 artists from all over the world, spanning two floors of our Sunset Park building.

RSVP: Email / Facebook

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Anaglyph Art Inspired by Contemporary Hologram Art

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

Anaglyph Art inspired by Contemporary Hologram Art
April 29, 2-4 pm

Students will view examples of contemporary hologram art, and discuss the differences between this form of art and a painting. Following an anaglyph demonstration, they will design their own image and outline it in black marker on one sheet of paper, and trace the image twice (staggered) in blue and red on their final sheet of paper. They will then attach pieces of blue and red cellophane to the lenses of prepared paper goggles, in order to view their 3D image.

RSVP by emailing education@narsfoundation.org with the number of children attending and their ages.

Shapes and Meaning of Silhouettes
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Shapes and Meaning of Silhouettes


Shapes and Meaning of Silhouttes
March 25, 2017 | 2-4 pm

NARS teaching artist, Amy Lee, will lead a workshop on the tradition of silhouette art using drawing, collage, and cutout to create images and narratives. Children will be exposed to contemporary examples of silhouettes, such as the work of Kara Walker, and concepts such as positive and negative space. RSVP by emailing education@narsfoundation.org or through the FB event page.
Handmade Paper and Marbling
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Handmade Paper and Marbling

Handmade Paper and Marbling

NARS Free Family Workshop
February 25th, 2 - 4pm

NARS is pleased to invite Sophia Haas-Salmieri, of Thorns and Prickles, to lead a two-part workshop on Saturday, February, 25, 2-4pm. To start with, kids will work together with the instructor to make small batches of paper from recycled materials, learning the various steps and techniques involved in making paper.

In the second half of the workshop, kids will learn to create one of a kind prints using both Suminagashi (Japanese) and Ebru (Turkish) methods of marbling. Marbling on paper consists of ink or paint floated on water's surface.

Participants will take home both the handmade paper and the marbling print with instructions for drying the sheets.


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Gallery Hours
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For More Information, Please Contact   Info@Narsfoundation.Org / 718-768-2765.

Moving Images: Intro to Animation
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Moving Images: Intro to Animation

NARS is working to bring you more new and exciting family workshops and engaging your families year round. We're pleased to announce our first FREE Saturday Family Workshop of the year, Moving Images: Intro to Animation, on Saturday, January 14th, from 2-4pm.