2016 Season II & III


Artist Statement

Art is far from being dead, overrated or unaccessible.

Beautiful, honest, emotive, truthful, fierce and skilful is what I want from what I do. I lived, worked and studied in Paris, Kyoto, London and now New York where each city always reflects on the artworks I do. My trips (Costa Rica, New Caledonia, Curacao, Mongolia etc.) are also a huge influence in what I create since my close environment feeds my inspiration thread.

What I thrive on is the challenge of making a cross-cultural and worldwide art, as accessible, striking and beautiful as one can be. By mixing all the arts and playing with the styles the art world usually divides, I intend to merge at once street and urban aesthetics with a more classic form of fine art because in the end any art serves the same purpose: to make you feel, to make you think and above all to blow your mind.