Artist Statement

I'm interested in provoking consciousness and any potential 'change' inherent in that via a visceral, visual experience. My work is made with an especially colorful and painterly approach to realism. The images/subjects I render encourage the viewer to think critically about culture, conditioning, and what they feel. I often present multiple sides of the story, and enjoy shedding light on that which typically remains in the dark, that which sits unquestioned.

Artist Biography

Nikki Schiro is a native New York artist. Her studies in art include an M.F.A. (2006) and B.F.A. (2002) from Hunter College, NY, as well as the Saturday Outreach Program (1997) at Cooper Union College for the Advancement of Fine Art. Schiro has been actively exhibiting artwork internationally and nationally. The 2014 exhibition ‘WE DRAW!’ marked Schiro’s first exhibition in France. In 2011 and 2010, Schiro completed two multi-month residencies in Mainland China. During her 2011 RedGate Gallery Residency in Beijing, Nikki was invited to exhibit and curate at Nova Art Coordinates. In 2010, in Chengdu, she was invited to exhibit work at the Woman and Children’s Museum. Nikki Schiro was the first Foreign Artist in Chengdu to have a Solo exhibition, taking place at the Blue Roof Gallery. In the United States, Schiro has exhibited at galleries, museums and alternative spaces across New York City and the North East.