2015 Season I, 2015 Season II


Artist Statement

Architecture is not simply an environment we investigate. It is also an environment from which we experience the world. My mural paintings and the elements of construction I use to create structures are inspired by painted façades and the architectural details of Polish building blocks. The geometry, omnipresent in the former Eastern Bloc's urban landscape, has become the decor of my everyday life. My sculptures support the memory of this environment. Abstraction is not meaningless. Moving the context provides additional interpretation by referencing geometric abstract art. What interests me is the role of images in the creation of a visual culture and their capacity to waken the viewer's subconscious thoughts with their "emotional baggage."

I ask myself about form as a concept of an idea. In my sculptures, I integrate decorative patterns, words, or images from newspapers. What interests me is the analogy created in our imagination between the word and the image; the word is the form, which "creates image." The phrases used are often pulled from political or public speeches. They are phrases, which speak directly to the viewer by calling him to act; the effect of the word identifies with the action of the gesture.

Taking the notion of architecture as its starting point, I create environments or use forms that play with the concept of decoration. This is why light plays an important role in my work. The light reveals space, but can also betray the readability of a piece.